The standard SG-BOX is an iso cab made of 22mm MDF and covered with robust structural lacquer – the vintage version is hand-aged finished with broken edges and in addition covered with clear lacquer.




The SG-FATBOX is an iso cab made of 25mm MDF for even better sound insulation and covered with robust structural lacquer.



The SG-WOODBOX is an isolation cabinet made of 25mm solid walnut and is treated with wax oil. The bottom part of the cabinet provides space for a 12″ speaker. Above it, up to three microphones can be attached to the specially designed microphone stands. Your “recording room” is contained within the removable hood.



Perfect for the SG-BOX is the Roadcase, to make it suitable for use on stage. Useful for musicians and live sound engineers fed up with the high volume of guitar amps cranked to the max on stage.

The case will be built on demand – DELIVERY TIME ABOUT 4 WEEKS!


Wooden ring adapter for 10″ speakers

The adapter allows you to insert 10″ speakers into the SG-BOX. The reducer is CNC machined birch plywood and has a profile on the underside for a secure fit in the SG-BOX.


Celestion G12M-65 Creamback

Celestion G12M-65 Creamback 12″ 65W made in UK The G12M Greenback is perhaps the definitive vintage Celestion ceramic magnet guitar speaker. Developed in the mid-sixties, it was quickly adopted by players like Hendrix, Clapton, Beck and Page, who typified the louder and more aggressive blues rock playing styles that came to characterize that era.The G12M-65 … Continue reading Celestion G12M-65 Creamback


Celestion G12M Greenback

Celestion G12M “Greenback” 12″ 25W The G12M Greenback has evolved over the decades but still retains its essential, sought- after tone.Angus Young has been a Greenback devotee since the early days of AC/DC. This model is voiced with additional broad mid-range attack and restrained top-end to give a forward, punchy attitude to chords and a … Continue reading Celestion G12M Greenback


Celestion Vintage 30

Celestion Vintage 30 12” 60W Back in 1986 a new breed of hard rock player was on the rise. To meet the demands of the players and their increasingly ‘hot-rodded’ amplifiers, we set out to develop a modern speaker, capable of handling much more power and overdrive. To achieve this, we coupled our ‘H’ magnet … Continue reading Celestion Vintage 30


Celestion G12H 30

Celestion G12H 70th Anniversary 12″ 30W Originally re-released a little over a decade ago, the G12H remains hugely popular with players looking to recreate the classic sounds of 60s and 70s rock. With a strong, aggressive low-end and powerful low-mids, the G12H penetrates any mix with an attacking upper mid-range and an ice-cool top- end. … Continue reading Celestion G12H 30


Celestion G12 NEO Creamback

New! Celestion G12 NEO Creamback, 12″ 60Watt, UK MADE The Neo Creamback is every ounce a Classic Celestion, delivering all the magical tone you’d get from a traditional Creamback. The difference is, it’s built with a neodymium magnet: making this speaker around half the weight of a traditional ceramic magnet speaker.Celestion’s engineers have developed a … Continue reading Celestion G12 NEO Creamback


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