The Isolation Cabinet for Guitar and Bass

The SG-BOX is an isolation cabinet which allows to do high quality guitar recordings at high sound pressure without noise disturbance.

So you can create with your amp, real speakers and microphones high class Guitar Recordings that reflect your sound authentically.

The Roadbox Stage version allows even greater volume reduction. Well over 40dB!

Available since 2009 the SG-BOX has established itself as a studio standard.


  • obtain professional, powerful sound by using a real microphone and speaker
    Using a real speaker and microphone results in punchy sounding recordings.
  • extremely effective sound isolation: Sound reduction of over ca.30dB in your recording environment.
  • optimized acoustics: improved sound quality.
  • record YOUR sound: use your own gear and the SG-BOX to record your sound!
  • Perfect for recording sessions: no crosstalk when recording multiple instruments.
  • and on stage: the high volume of guitar amps only inside the SG-BOX
  • easy II use: it‘s plug and play!


  • 22mm and 25mm MDF or 25mm solid walnut
    Sound reduction of about 30dB
  • robust microphone holder
    extremely solid design
  • FRESCU  fire rapid easy speaker change unit
    ultra-fast speaker change unit
  • resonance absorber
    optimized acoustics by a special developed resonance absorber
  • parabolic rubber feet
    decouple the iso-cab from the floor
  • high class wiring
    NEUTRIK plugs and sockets / SOMMER microphone cable
    within the Roadcase th SG-BOX allows even greater volume reduction. Well over 40dB!


You find the SG-BOX in numerous studios and on stages in Europe:

The sound of the SG-BOX is balanced, direct and clear – the typical problem of Iso-Cabs, the “boxy sound”, doesn´t appear.

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